We have U-Haul concrete services and trailers for rent because sometimes home improvement or commercial projects take more than just a few bags of concrete mix. 


Before you go much further, you’ll need to know just how much concrete you need. Of course, this varies greatly depending on what parts you want to improve and the scope of the whole project.

At Payless Hardware, Rockery, & Nursery, we’re proud to offer a variety of sack mixes to meet your needs. No matter the size or specifications of your project, we have a concrete type to help you get the job done right. Please note that we do not provide certification on concrete strength or PSI ratings. The sack mixes offered at our hardware store in San Jose include:

  • 4 Sack Mix: Light duty, suitable for fence posts, grouting block on small block wall, and more.
  • 5 Sack Mix: Regular duty, ideal for patios, walkways, and general use.
  • 6 Sack Mix: High strength, best for driveways, sidewalks, foundations, retaining walls, and more.

U-Haul Concrete Services:

Familiarize Yourself with Rules When Using Our Trailers

If you choose to use our U-Haul concrete services, be aware of a few rules. These rules are in place to protect the team at Payless Hardware, Rockery, & Nursery, as well as keep your bulk materials in the best condition possible throughout transport. We want to keep our towing trailers in top shape for all of our customers. Please adhere to the following guidelines for using one of our trailers:

  • Hold a valid California Driver’s License
  • Adhere to all traffic laws
  • Bring a truck with a Class III or IV hitch with a 2′′ ball
  • Keep your trips to two hours each
  • Do not take the trailer on freeways or travel at speeds over 45 MPH
  • Do not jackknife and take care when backing up

Know the Ins and Outs of Working With Us

Besides these rules for using one of our trailers to haul concrete, our customers need to be aware of some additional important information. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask our friendly staff. Keep the following information in mind when making plans to use our San Jose hardware store’s trailers

  • We’re open seven days a week, 7 AM to 1 PM (hours may vary on holidays)
  • Trailers hold up to one cubic yard of wet concrete
  • We charge $5 for every 15 minutes of overtime
  • The customer is responsible for any damages
  • Our hardware store has cleaning facilities you may choose to use
  • We charge a $25 cleaning deposit which may be refunded after the trailer is thoroughly cleaned

Understanding the Curing Process 

Curing is one of the most crucial concepts to understand when using concrete for your home improvement project. For best results, concrete needs to settle correctly with the appropriate amount of moisture. Within five to seven days, concrete hardens, usually with the help of hoses and sprinklers keeping the surface moist.

Finding the Right Mix-Proportion 

At Payless Hardware, Rockery, & Nursery we often get asked about the correct mix-proportion. For those who haven’t worked with concrete in the past, this question can seem daunting. Typically, a good rule of thumb is the “rule of 6’s.” In most cases, six bags of cement per cubic yard will suffice. You’ll need no more than six gallons of water per bag, and finally, your finished project needs to cure for around six days.

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