At Payless Nursery we carry a large selection of seasonal vegetable plants and seeds.

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Recommended Vegetables for our Area










Swiss chard

Swiss Chard







Quick Tip: If your soil is too difficult to work with consider building a planter box. At Payless, we stock cement Four Square garden blocks. They are simple and durable. No drilling or sawing necessary. These blocks will not rot like wood, creating a planter that will last year after year.

Root Vegetables

With the exception of onions, root vegetables are best grown by seeds and are easy to grow.

  • Beets 
  • Parsnips
  • Carrots
  • Radishes
  • Kohlrabi
  • Turnips

Herbs: Fresh Plants & Seed Packets

Grab a tasty variety of fresh seasonal herb plants at our store that are ready to eat or to use in delicious recipes.
If you prefer to grow them from scratch, we also carry a wide array of herb seeds that you can start growing any time of the year.
Take a look below at several from our latest selection, but come to our store to see our complete inventory.


Globed shaped tomato up to 1 lb. Higher yielding tomato plant. Indeterminate.

Indeterminate tomato. Disease tolerant and matures early.

Heirloom. Produces high yields of black cherry tomatoes. Indeterminate.

Heirloom. Yields 3-4 inch beefstake tomatoes. Indeterminate.

Heirloom. Grows 1 1/2 pound tomatoes. Vigorous tomato plant. Indeterminate.

Heirloom. Produces 2 lb tomatoes and provides good yields. Very sweet and flavorful.

Heirloom. Flavorful flesh rangers from purple to brown or to green. 72-90 days to
maturity. Grows 10-12 oz tomatoes. Indeterminate.

Strong vine. Gets 4-6 oz fruits very early. Indeterminate.

Strong vine with 2-3 oz fruits. Meaty tomatoes that are good quality. Determinate.

Heirloom. Produces good yields of 3 oz tomatoes. Stay green when it matures. Determinate.

Oblong 1 oz fruit. Sweet flavor. Determinate.

Meaty, golden orange fruit of medium size. Indeterminate.

Heirloom. 1 to 2 lb beefsteak tomatoes. Sweet rich flavor. Indeterminate.

Higher sugar content than any other grape tomato. 65 days to mature. Indeterminate.

Wedding: Heirloom. Produces 1 lb tomatoes. Very juicy. Determinate.

Heirloom. Large 1 lb fruits. Performs well in short season areas. Indeterminate.

Heirloom. Larger fruit than Roma. Measures 3.5-4 inches in length. Indeterminate.

Ripen to pale yellow and are sweet. Indeterminate.

Heavy crops of crispy and sweet tomatoes. Indeterminate.

High yields of 10 oz meaty fruits. Indeterminate.

1 oz fruits that grow in clusters of 12 to 15. Indeterminate.

Heirloom. Sweet fruits about 7 oz. Indeterminate.

Produces medium sized 7 oz fruits. Indeterminate.

Produces clusters of 2-3′′ fruits. Indeterminate.

Fruits are golden yellow and weigh about 1/2 oz. Indeterminate.

Sweet red tomatoes grown in clusters. Indeterminate.

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