Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery in San Jose, CA have been helping residents find the right materials for functional and beautiful segmental or base level retaining walls for over 40 years.

No matter if you are looking to install a segmental retaining wall for a sloping yard, sunken yard, stairway, or to add grade changes to your yard, our experts have the knowledge and tools to get it done. Segmental retaining walls also have a zero-failure rate, allowing for beautiful boundaries in your home that can easily be installed yourself!

Our experience has also led us to find the perfect materials to get you the retaining walls of your dreams. We only work with high-quality manufacturers to deliver an excellent product once we finish construction. Since we are a full-service ACE hardware store you also will only need to make one-stop to find the tools and equipment need for such a project. Learn more about our retaining wall blocks today by calling or visiting us today.

Payless Hardware & Rockery is Proud to Carry Calstone Allan Block Retaining Wall Products

We are one of the Bay Area’s Top Calstone Suppliers. Calstone is known for its natural-looking stone products that deliver quality, durability and affordability for homeowners in the Bay Area and their Allan Block retaining wall blocks are no exception.

With so many different shapes and setbacks available the design options are endless. No matter the size or design of your next project, Calstone Allan Block retaining wall products are made to last, look beautiful and most importantly are easy to install with their mortarless technology.


Benefits of Building Retaining Walls in Your Yard

Not only are segmental retaining walls a beautiful and practical way to separate yard living spaces, but we offer environmentally safe blocks made from natural raw materials. Unlike treated timbers or railroad ties treated with potentially harmful chemicals, our team provide green, environmentally friendly concrete products to build landscape boundaries. They are easy to install, attractive, and last a lifetime. Calstone Allan Block Retaining Wall Blocks are the perfect choice for your landscape project.

You may think retaining walls only add beauty to your front and backyard, but they actually provide many other benefits to your landscape. With the help of Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery, you can receive these benefits by allowing us to do the heavy lifting:

Prevent Erosion and Sinkholes

When you have a home on a hill, you may face geological issues because of water runoff such as erosion or sinkholes. These may seem small at first, but if left untreated, they can do severe damage to your property.

Stops Floods from Occurring

During heavy downpours in San Jose, yards can fill up quickly with water. Having the retaining wall prevents water from moving soil around and keeps it locked in place to protect your home and yard.

Protects Your Home’s Foundation

Was your home built on a hill? Having retaining walls keeps it from sliding down, thanks to soil erosion. They also protect your foundation from becoming waterlogged and breaking down over time.

Low Maintenance Yard

Having garden beds in your retaining walls are a great addition and are very low maintenance. Thanks to their ability to hold water, you won’t have to nearly as often. Free up your time on the weekends for other enjoyable, less labor-intensive activities.

Increase Home’s Value

Even installing necessary retention walls is a bonus to potential buyers. When it comes time to sell your home, you will be glad to you took the time to invest in constructing retention walls for your home and your property. If you add a garden or trees to them, the curb appeal will also help boost the value.

Gives You More Yard

It is much easier to plant gardens and trees on flat land than on hills. Retention walls give you this ability, which leads to other previously mentioned benefits for your home and its value.

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