Fruit trees have been in demand in our local Bay Area region, as it offers both aesthetic value and tasty treats to your backyard or garden.

At Payless Nursery, we provide no shortage of options when it comes to fruit trees. Visit our multi-acre garden center or call us at (408) 274-4922 to check what’s in stock today!

Citrus Trees

Love citrus? Besides orange trees, you can also choose from lemon, lime, and grapefruit trees. Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery features traditional lemon trees along with more unfamiliar varieties such as the South Asian Kaffir lime. With the addition of a citrus tree, your lawn and garden will be the talk of the town.

Orange Trees

Many of us love orange juice, so wouldn’t it be ideal to have the fresh juice ready whenever you want it? Invest in orange, mandarin, or kumquat tree from Payless Nursery. Choose from Washington oranges that ripen in the winter, tiny Dancy tangerines, or exotic Nagami kumquats.

Apple and Apricots trees

They say there’s nothing more American than apple pie, so why not complete your San Jose home with an apple tree? Our team provides several types of apple and apricot trees, ranging from Red Delicious apples that everyone loves to the sweet-smelling Blenheim apricots.

Pear Trees

Whether you love the rich taste of pear crisp, or simply enjoy the fruit freshly-picked, consider planting a pear tree on your property. We offer the most popular varieties of pear trees, as well as Asian species such as the apple-like Chojuro. Talk to our Payless nursery staff about which pear trees yield the fruit that best matches your taste buds!

Mulberry trees

Mulberries are a prime ingredient in pies, teas, and even wine, among numerous other uses. Payless Hardware, Rockery, & Nursery is proud to feature three different types of mulberry trees, including Pakistan Fruiting Mulberry, Persian Fruiting Mulberry, and White Fruiting Mulberry.

Cherry and Fig Trees

Interested in planting a cherry or fig tree in San Jose? You have several options. Many homeowners opt for the traditional Bing variety of cherry. However, others are more adventurous and prefer rich flavors and weather-durability of Excel figs. No matter which tree piques your interest, ask our staff about proper care.

Pomegranate Trees

Known as a symbol of the Underworld, pomegranates certainly don’t compromise on sweetness and juiciness. Payless Nursery features 10 types of pomegranate trees available to our San Jose customers. You’ll have your pick from the Eversweet variety, Granada pomegranates, and the specially-cultivated Angel Red.

Avocado Trees

Avocados are gaining popularity for their use in guacamole and merit as the main dish in itself. If you’re always running to the store to get your avocado fix, consider cutting out the middleman with your very own avocado tree. Our San Jose location offers varieties of avocado, perfect for use as guacamole at your next party or a topping for your toast.

Peach and Nectarine Trees

Peaches are one of the top 10 most popular fruits in the United States. When you grow peaches in your own backyard, you’re sure to be the envy of all your neighbors. Payless Hardware, Rockery & Nursery knows how to care for dozens of peach and nectarine trees, and we’re happy to show you the ropes. Be sure to consider adding some decorative rocks to your new fruit tree!

Jujube and Persimmon Trees

If you love the honey-like flavor of persimmon or the tart taste of jujubes, we have fruit trees for you as well. With eight types of persimmon or jujube trees, Payless Nursery is sure to have the perfect plant for you. Not sure which fruit variety is for you? Our customers are always welcome to ask a member of our staff for recommendations or the specific care routines for each tree.

Plum and Prune Trees

Do you love the richness of a freshly-picked plum? Perhaps you’re on a health kick and want a plentiful supply of prunes at your fingertips. Whatever the case, consider planting a plum tree in your own backyard. Prunes are renowned for their health benefits, and having them well within your reach may motivate you to add a healthy snack to your day. Ask the pros at our hardware store in San Jose for more details.

Tropical Fruit Trees

Perhaps you’re looking for something more non-traditional. For more adventurous folks, we also offer a range of subtropical fruit trees. Our selection includes several types of guava, passion fruit, and loquats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Be sure to talk to our staff about extra care requirements!

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