How to Prevent Break-Ins in Your Home

There are many different tips out there for preventing break-ins, but which ones actually work? In this article, we will explore the common causes of home burglaries and what you can do to prevent them. At Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery we have a range of products that will keep your home safe and secure. Visit our hardware store in San Jose for the supplies you need to prevent a break-in in your home.

No-Force Entries
The FBI determined that 27.8 percent of burglaries in 2006 in the United States were no-force entries. In other words, the thieves only had to open an unlocked window or door to gain entry to the home. Remember to lock your doors and windows whenever you go to sleep or when you leave the home. After all, more than half of residential burglaries take place during the day, according to the FBI.

High-quality locks are essential to keeping your home secure. Every door in the home should have at least one deadbolt lock with a one-inch or longer throw, as this means the bolt will pass at least one inch into the doorframe. If you have any glass on your door, the deadbolt lock should be a double cylinder lock, which means that it requires a key on either side of the door. Without such a lock, a burglar can break the glass, reach in, and unlock the dead bolt.

Burglar Alarms
A burglar alarm is a very effective way to secure your home. Visit your local ACE Hardware store and find out about your different security alarm options. Some of the more advanced alarms can text you and call the authorities in the event that an intruder is detected in your home.

Motion-Sensing Lights
Installing a motion-sensing light on your front and back porch is a great deterrent to a thief. A dark area near your home that is shrouded with shrubs and plant growth is more appealing to a thief than a clear, well-lit entrance.