Incorporating Cactus in Your Landscape

Cacti and succulents are found naturally throughout the state of California. If you are looking for a gorgeous addition to your homes landscaping, you may want to consider incorporating cactus in your yard. When you are shopping for cacti at your nursery, you will have a variety of types to choose from. Your garden center may carry both spiny cactus plants and spine-free succulents. When you are gardening with cacti, it is important to wear gloves that will protect your hand from spines. After you have purchased your cacti from the nursery and garden center, be sure to plant them in an area of your yard that receives plenty of full sunlight. The staff at your local San Jose nursery can provide you with more tips and tricks for incorporating cactus in your landscape. These unique and striking plants are sure to create a fabulous statement when they are planted in your garden.