Spring Gardening Tips for Your Home

The spring season is approaching fast, and now is a great time to create a gardening and lawn maintenance plan for your property. During the spring season, your yard will come alive with new growth and blooms. By taking the time to visit your garden center and create a gardening plan, you will ensure that your spring garden is the envy of everyone on your block. A nursery and garden center in San Jose will have all of the gardening supplies you will need to tackle your yard this spring. Read on for some essential spring gardening tips for your home.


Prune Trees and Bushes
After the cold months of winter, your trees and bushes may be covered in dead or damaged branches. To clean up the look of your yard and encourage new growth, it is a great idea to prune back your trees and bushes at the beginning of spring. As you are pruning your yard, make sure to prune blooming plants after they have dropped the last of their flowers.

Prepare and Plant
Spring is a terrific time to prepare your beds and plant for the upcoming warm season. As soon as the weather begins to warm up, you can place new soil in your planting beds. To create a nourishing environment for your new plants, you can also spread compost. Some great plantings for the spring season include trees, shrubs, and vines. You can also plant cool-season vegetables, such as herbs and lettuce.

Order Tools and Plants
Before you begin your spring gardening projects, it is a great idea to order tools and plants from your local gardening store. For example, if you will be pruning bushes or weeding new areas to plant, you may want to order appropriate tools for each task. Your garden center may also be able to order any specialty plants that you have been dreaming of for your garden space.

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