Factors to Consider Before Building a New Deck

Building a new deck in San Jose can add a lot of function and value to your home. If you are thinking about building a new deck for your property, be sure to consider the following factors and hardware.

The Decking Material
The hardware store has a lot of great decking options that can help you build a functional and comfortable space onto your home. Most homeowners choose natural or treated wood to build a deck. You can also choose composite decking, which provides more durability than wood with a similar aesthetic appeal. Talk to the staff at the hardware store about your decking needs so they can find the right option for you.

The Need for a Permit
Some cities require permits before adding on to a building. Check with your deck builder about building codes and whether or not there are any restrictions on the kind of deck that you can build.

The Design
You should make detailed plans about the deck design before you start to build. Think about where you want to place the deck and how big you want it to be. Include features like stairs or rails in the design so you know exactly what materials you need to buy from the hardware store. When you bring in a completed design, the staff can point you in the direction of all of the materials you will need.

The Support
It is very important to create the proper support for your deck. Start with a strong foundation that can handle the weight of the deck. Keep the support frame square so it is strong enough to support the deck. In order to properly support the deck, you must be very precise about your measurements and about the hardware you use to secure the deck.

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