Water Saving Landscaping Tips

Given the extent of the drought in California, water conservation is on the minds of many. For tips on water conservation in San Jose that will help our environment and save you money, watch this video clip. And for home water conservation equipment, come to Payless Hardware, Rockery, & Nursery of San Jose.

Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez explains the state of emergency many regions of California are currently facing. Laws are being passed to minimize drought crises in the future. All California has been asked to reduce their water usage by 20%. Landscaping can be used to help conserve water. There are several plants and landscaping ideas which are drought resistant. Fortunately, hardscape design—such as stone, rock, concrete, and pavers—does not require watering or maintenance. Growing plants local to San Jose, and installing hardscaping instead of a lawn, goes a long way in saving water. Visit your local garden center to see which plants are local to your area, and to find out how you can use hardscaping to compliment your plants while practicing water conservation.