Chainsaw Safety 101

You usually need some heavy-duty equipment for demolition, remodeling, and landscaping jobs, but you shouldn’t start using tools you’re unfamiliar with before learning how you can stay safe. Chainsaws in San Jose are powerful tools. They can help you get certain jobs done a lot faster than other tools, but they can also be extremely dangerous if they’re used improperly. You need to be safe before, during, and after using a chainsaw to avoid injury and damage. This means preparing the tool properly, fueling it safely, and knowing how to operate it while minimizing the risk of accidents. Continue reading for a quick lesson in chainsaw safety.


Whenever you use any kind of heavy-duty tools, you should check to make sure they’re working properly before you get started. Chainsaws need to be thoroughly checked out in order to avoid accidents. Check on your chain tension, bolts, handles, and controls, and ensure that the lubrication reservoir is full enough. Find a firm place to lay the chainsaw before you start it, or place it on the ground. Drop starting is dangerous, and there’s no reason to do it.


In addition to the obvious dangers of using a chainsaw, there are also hazards you’ll face when fueling up your equipment. One of the most basic and important rules to remember is that you should never smoke while fueling up your chainsaw. In fact, you should be at least 10 feet away from any source that could ignite the fuel. The chainsaw should also be not only off but cooled down before you add more fuel, and only use approved containers to transport the fuel. It helps to use a funnel so all of the fuel gets into the chainsaw and none of it spills.


Think about what you’re wearing when you use a chainsaw. Avoid loose-fitting clothing and hanging jewelry, and wear protective equipment for your face, ears, legs, and hands. Remember that branches may snap under tension, and be ready to handle any kickback from your chainsaw by holding onto its handles at all times.

Chainsaw Safety 101 by Payless Hardware & Rockery