Best Colors When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Best Colors When Painting Kitchen Cabinets Clark and Kensington Paints at Payless Hardware, Rockery and Nursery

A fresh coat of paint can bring a whole new vibe to any room. One of the most used rooms in any house is your kitchen, so why not revamp that space by simply adding a new splash of colors? If you’re not ready for a full-blown DIY kitchen makeover painting project, you can start by making a quick kitchen transformation by simply painting your cabinets.

Two-toned kitchens are chic, stylish, and trendy. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at our best Clark and Kensington color picks for painting kitchen cabinets.

Here’s our recommendation for best kitchen color pairings:

For Your Top Kitchen Cabinets

Payless Tip: By painting the top kitchen cabinets a white or light color, you can instantly make your kitchen feel airy and bigger than it is.
Clark and Kensington- Bone White color swatch

Bone White (Color Code:  CW-W2)

Paint top cabinets with a timeless neutral color like Bone White (or other white tones) that is easy to pair with other accent colors. 

For Your Bottom Kitchen Cabinets

Consider the following beautiful Clark and Kensington paint colors for your bottom cabinets:

Clark and Kensington Bone White and Fog Rolls In at Payless Hardware, Rockery and Nursery

Fog Rolls In (Color Code: N-C13)

A cool and subtle gray hue with slightly blue undertones that will transform your kitchen into a calm, crisp and welcoming environment. Because this tone is still on the lighter side, your whole kitchen will feel bright and clean.

Clark and Kensington Bone White and Ivy League at Payless Hardware, Rockery and Nursery

Ivy League (Color Code: 35A-4)

A muted blue and green teal that can bring your space to have a classic or even retro feel. This is such a chic and stylish color that will make your kitchen look and feel like a new centerpiece for your home.

Clark and Kensington Bone White and Blue Spruce at Payless Hardware, Rockery and Nursery

Blue Spruce (Color Code: 29A-5)

A soft, muted dark sage green that gives a refreshing pop of color in your kitchen. A bold color like this completely changes the vibe of the space and provides a nice change to a dull kitchen.

Clark and Kensington Bone White and Late Night Serenade at Payless Hardware, Rockery and Nursery

Late Night Serenade (Color Code: N-C21)

A slightly dark but creamy gray color that is perfect for minimalists, keeping a very neutral palette but creating the contrast you need in the space. The advantage of a slightly darker like this is you can hide dirt and stains more easily.

Try our Paint Studio “Color Visualizer Tool” to Test Colors

Is it hard to imagine if one of these colors would work in your home kitchen? Try using our super useful Color Visualizer Tool from “The Paint Studio” at Ace Hardware! Select a sample kitchen that looks similar to yours or even upload a photo of your kitchen to test different paint shades. In face, you can use this tool for any room in your home.

Note: Paint colors on a computer or mobile screen will obviously look slightly different from the actual paint colors on your wall, so we recommend purchasing small sample size cans of your favorite color picks before making your final paint color selections.

Select The Right Finish 

What sheen or finish should you use for your kitchen? We recommend choosing an Eggshell, Semi-Gloss, or Hi-Gloss finish for your kitchen cabinets as they are part of a high-traffic area of the house. Your paint will do better with a finish that is easy to clean and can withstand some bumps. 

  • Eggshell: Low-lustre sheen is durable and great hiding, provides excellent washability and a scrubbable, scuff resistant finish
  • Semi-Gloss: Radiant sheen with excellent washability, is great at hiding stains and provides a durable, scuff-resistant finish
  • Hi-Gloss: Brilliant, glossy ultra-smooth finish with ultimate durability & exceptional scrub-ability, provides a mildew-resistant finish with superior coverage

Save time and money with Clark and Kensington’s All-in-One Paint and Primer

Payless Tip: All-in-one paint and primer formulations are especially useful for repainting indoor furniture or walls because you don’t need to worry about the previous color bleeding through the new paint color. 

Whether your style is bold contemporary or timeless traditional, Clark and Kensington provides premium, durable painting colors for any home project. Pick up your paint cans and finishes at our local San Jose hardware store at Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery.

Watch our YouTube video below for a visual slideshow of these colors:

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