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What Homeowners Should Know About Tree Pruning

Having a tree in your yard can provide shade, beauty, and possibly fruit. However, keeping tree trimmers or hiring a professional pruner near San Jose is important for the overall health of your trees. Here is a closer look at why tree pruning is crucial to the health and safety of your entire property: It[…]

Ways to Incorporate Natural Stone into Your Landscaping

Are you searching for ways to add interest to your lawn and garden in San Jose? If so, then you may benefit from incorporating natural stone into your landscape design. Stone comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, shapes, and styles, and can be a great asset to any yard. Read on for some[…]

Making a Water-Friendly Garden

As you plan your garden in San Jose, you’ll need to make sure to choose low water use plants from your local hardware store. California’s severe drought and water conservation regulations restrict the amount of water that you can use for your lawn and garden. Your local hardware store should also have lawn and garden[…]

Conserving Water in Your Home Garden

Whether you’re designing a garden to spruce up your outdoor living space or you already have one, California’s water shortage and subsequent usage limits have made it difficult for homeowners to keep their gardens looking fertile and alive. Fortunately, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. By implementing a few water conservation practices, you’ll be able to enjoy[…]

Essential Tips for Controlling Weeds in Your Garden

As everyone who enjoys gardening in San Jose knows, weeds can quickly overrun your garden and kill your plants and flowers. Luckily, you can find garden products and garden supplies at your local hardware store or garden center that will help you manage your weed growth. Here are some essential tips for controlling weeds in[…]

Creating a Landscaping Budget

Before you visit your local nursery and garden store for landscaping materials in San Jose, you need to create a landscaping budget. Your landscaping budget should include the cost of flowers, plants, trees, seeds, garden supplies, rockery, garden pavers, mulch, soil, compost, and hardscape materials. Deciding on a firm budget will make it much easier[…]