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Tips for Painting Trim Like an Expert

Applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest ways to update and enhance a space. However, when executed poorly, this type of home improvement project can have the opposite of the intended effect. If you’re getting ready to take on a painting project in San Jose, then continue reading to discover tips[…]

Growing and Caring for Pomegranate Trees

Adding a pomegranate tree in your garden looks beautiful and provides you with seasonal fruit. Did you recently pick up a pomegranate seedling from your hardware store in San Jose? If so, then continue reading for information on caring for your new fruit tree. Planting First, find a location in your garden that gets full[…]

What Homeowners Should Know About Tree Pruning

Having a tree in your yard can provide shade, beauty, and possibly fruit. However, keeping tree trimmers or hiring a professional pruner near San Jose is important for the overall health of your trees. Here is a closer look at why tree pruning is crucial to the health and safety of your entire property: It[…]


Jujubes are commonly referred to as the Chinese Date. Providing versatile, sweet fruit on a virtually pest-free tree and drought tolerant. The fruit can be eaten fresh or dried, when ripe it resembles a Date. Jujubes grow 15 to 20 feet tall but can reach up to 30 feet without being pruned. Sugar Cane: Round[…]