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Popular California Native Plants for Water-Wise Gardens

Because of drought-related water usage mandates, many homeowners are looking for methods of conserving water in their garden in San Jose. There are several ways in which you can cut back on the water needed to maintain your landscaping, and one of these is to choose plants that are well-suited for your climate and native[…]

Using Natural Stone to Reduce Your Water Usage

When it comes to caring for your garden, it can take a significant amount of irrigation to keep your landscaping looking lush and healthy. If you’re searching for ways to reduce your water usage, then consider incorporating natural stone into your lawn in San Jose. Flagstone Adding hardscaping to your yard is an excellent way[…]

Hardscaping Ideas For Your Home

Giving the outside of your home a makeover doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Some simple hardscaping around your garden or outdoor grilling area can change the look of your house’s exterior. Freshen up your San Jose garden today with one of these hardscaping ideas that’s guaranteed to make your guests do a double[…]

Home Improvement Ideas for the Summer Months

As the weather gradually warms up, most people long to be outside. Summer is a great time to enjoy your yard space, to host evening dinner parties on your patio, and to perfect your outdoor grilling skills. It is also an opportune time to work on some home improvement projects. Here are some ideas to[…]

The Steps of Building a Stone Patio

There are many things that you can do in order to spruce up the exterior of your home and create an environment that is more relaxing, visually pleasing, or simply more fun; you may decide to add decorative boulders to your garden or perhaps you would rather build a patio where you can spend time[…]