Top 5 Reasons You Should Own Citrus Fruit Trees

Top 5 Reasons You Should Own Citrus Fruit Trees

Springtime is when we think of planting gardens with vegetables, like lettuce or tomatoes. But why not think outside the box by planting a Key Lime or Dancy Tangerine tree this year? Why should I own a citrus tree, you might ask? Numerous reasons keep citrus trees continuously popular, especially here in San Jose and our greater Santa Clara County region of Northern California.

Here are the top five benefits of owning a citrus tree:

1. Fresh-Squeezed Fruit Gives You More Vitamin C & Antioxidants

Growing your own citrus tree means easier access to homemade citrus juices (like that of a sweet and delectable Cara Cara Navel Orange or Moro Blood Orange). Did you know that fresh-squeezed juice is not only shown to have much more significant amounts of natural vitamin C, but is also shown to have much higher antioxidant bioflavonoids levels (plus far less sugar) than any store-bought juices made from concentrate!

2. Make Non-Toxic Disinfectant Cleaners with Antibacterial & Stain-Removing Properties

Citrus is an effective ingredient in natural household cleaning products. Citrus fruits, like Eureka Lemons, contain citric acid that has been shown to be an effective anti-bacterial disinfectant to combat Listeria, E. Coli, and Salmonella and is also helpful for removing stains of all kinds. Let’s not forget to mention the fresh citrus scent you’ll be smelling all around after cleaning! Check out Wholefully’s easy homemade formula to create a DIY all-purpose cleaner using citrus peels!

3. Add Citric Zest & Acidity to Enhance Flavors in Your Food and Beverages

Beyond the good health benefits, adding tang from citrus fruits (like aromatic Kaffir Thai Limes or easy-to-peel Owari Satsuma Mandarin Oranges) to your dishes can profoundly enhance the flavors in your food and mixed beverages. Level up the flavors of your cooking by adding citrus to the mix! Take a look at some of our ideas below to incorporate it into any meal of the day.

For example:

Need more ideas? Check out Taste of Home’s collection of recipes of 32 deliciously savory citrus dinner dishes.

4. Enjoy Fresh Fruit (Nearly) Year Round

Skip the grocery store. Just reach into your backyard to pluck some fresh citrus fruits, like Minneola Tangelos (a unique citrus hybrid with a sweetness of a tangerine and a tangy flowery taste of a grapefruit). Outdoor citrus in warm climates (U.S. growing zones 9-11) give you year-round fruit. The same is possible in other zones if you can protect your trees from frost, such as in a greenhouse.

5. Bring Natural & Vibrant Aesthetics To Your Home Garden

From bright sunny yellow grapefruit trees to picturesque tangerine trees, citrus trees come in many shapes and sizes, making them beautiful additions to your outdoor spaces. Also, check out Nagami Kumquat trees with their little dangling orange-hued fruits that look like adorable ornaments hanging off the leaves. Nearly all the variations of citrus trees include luscious green and glossy leaves with vibrant fruit, which adds radiance to any home yard, landscape, garden, and beyond.

With juicy citrus in arm’s reach almost year-round, you can experience the many benefits and joys of owning a citrus tree. With even one type of citrus fruit growing in your yard, you can get your natural boost of vitamins and antioxidants, craft toxic-free cleaning products, add splashes of mouthwatering flavors to your food, and increase curb appeal. So which citrus tree will you choose to plant this year?

Pop by our local family-owned store at Payless Nursery here in San Jose, California, where we can help you find the plants you need and the resources to help your garden thrive!

We carry the following citrus tree varieties:

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