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Indoor Houseplants - Customer Favorites- Plants make people happy

Potted indoor plants have been all the craze for quite a while, but they have experienced an even greater resurgence after many of us spent more time indoors in the last couple of years.

The rise in popularity of indoor houseplants could also be because owning even one or two of these in a space can easily add decorative appeal and even completely transform the ambiance to one that is tranquil and relaxing. Let's not forget to mention that adding leafy plants and tree varieties can also benefit your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Here are some of our Payless Nursery’s customer favorites indoor plants and the myriad of benefits they carry:


A pothos (also called Epipremnum aureum or devil’s ivy) is a low-maintenance houseplant that won’t mind dim lighting or infrequent watering and does not attract annoying bugs. According to Garden Design, it’s also one of the more popular plants for subtly cleansing and improving the air quality of your home. One of the perks of owning a pothos is that you can display it in a myriad of different ways:

  • Hanging from the ceiling
  • Laying on a table/desk
  • Draping from a mantle/shelf
  • Standing alone on a tall stand

If you want to add easy-care, decorative greens to your home or office, pothos plants are a great choice!

Peace Lily

For something a little showier and more exotic, go with peace lilies (also known as Spathiphyllum). According to the University of Vermont, these white-bloomed plants are also notorious for air cleaning and elegance—known even to remove chemical fumes and carbon monoxide. Of course, peace lily plants require regular watering, dividing every few years, and a good helping of plant food to keep up consistently strong blooms. But, it’s well worth it for the benefits and beauty of growing one of these plants on your own.

Air Plants

Air plants (also called Tillandsia) enhance the vibe and the air quality of your home. These colorful and adorable little plants are like tiny green trapeze artists that can liven up any space.  As reported by the Chicago Tribune, they may do a better job purifying the air than any other plant. Needing no soil and very little care, air plants come in hundreds of assorted varieties and vibrant colors. So, get ready to turn your house or apartment into a cleansing plant Cirque du Solei.

Snake Plant

These days, of all popular houseplants, snake plants (also known as Dracaena trifasciata or mother-in-law’s tongue) are fast becoming some of the most iconic species to keep in your home. They’re low-maintenance, low-light lovers that help purify the air and can even lower issues of airborne allergens for certain people, as mentioned by Healthline. But, be careful! Their leaves are spiky! However, when strategically placed in the room, they are perfectly safe—helping enhance the botanical exuberance and even feng shui flow of any indoor landscape.


Many ficus varieties make great decorative yard plants, but specific kinds make superb indoor houseplants! Ficus can thrive in both apartments and homes, although these beautiful leafy greens may need a bit of extra care  says Gardening Know How: including balanced water needs, cold protection, medium light, substantial humidity, and monthly plant food. In return, you can enjoy the benefits of ficus plants that prove to have strong air purifying effects, even removing pollutants like formaldehyde wherever they are placed.

Indoor plants present so many mental and physical benefits for self-care and also make incredible gifts for the ones you love. Nothing says “I care about you” more than a gift that improves the health, mental well-being, and beauty of one’s home and life.

So, next time you give a small gift to someone, consider picking up a longer-lasting green plant from Payless Hardware, Rockery & Nursery instead of buying a bouquet of flowers.

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