EGO Power Plus: Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

Why yard work the hard way? Don’t break your back raking leaves or clearing dirt when you can harness the clearing power of a blower and make it all go away. Take a look at our top picks for EGO’s powerful cordless battery-operated handheld leaf blowers.

EGO #1 Rated Brand in Cordless Outdoor Power Tools

Ego Battery Handheld Leaf Blower No 1 Rated Brand Lifestyle Image at Payless Hardware Rockery and Nursery

EGO is one of our go-to brands when customers ask us to recommend a robust and reliable cordless leaf blower that will get the job done. Established in 2012, the EGO tool manufacturing company has upheld a solid reputation for building consistently high-quality cordless power tools products that include the latest technology. 

Why We Recommend EGO Power+ Blowers
- Easy-to-use
- Powerful
- Lightweight
- Cordless, battery-operated
- Longer run times 
- Fast charging
- Quieter than others
- Great for most yard sizes
- No fumes (like gas-powered tools)
- Useful for clearing leaves, dirt, sand, light snow, etc.
- 5-Year Tool Warranty and 3-Year Battery Warranty

Top Picks from EGO’s Power Plus Line

Ego Power Plus LB5302 110mph 530 CFM 56V Battery Handheld Leaf Blower Kit with Battery & Charger Lifestyle Image at Payless Hardware Rockery and Nursery

The EGO Power+ 530 CFM Blower

The EGO Power+ 530 CFM blower is a perfect choice if you are looking for a power tool with a stellar combination of power and ease of use.

This compact, lightweight leaf blower has a battery of up to a 75-minute run time, making it ideal for small to medium size jobs without a hefty investment. 

In addition, the brushless motor is uniquely designed to reduce vibrations, meaning that you can use it for the full 75 minutes between recharges with no regrets. It also has a lower noise rating with a decibel of less than 65, making it an ideal choice if you live in areas with sensitive neighbors.

Need to see it to believe it? Click Here or watch below for our Ace’s home expert Lou’s video demo and review of this product.

Payless Tip: Blowers are for more than just leaves; use them for quick outdoor cleanups!
You don't have to put the leaf blower away just because the fall season has passed. These battery-operated leaf blowers can help clear the ground and round up other materials like dirt, sand, or light snow. For example, use it to clear dirt from your driveway, clear the patio, or remove lawn debris from your walkways.

Ego Power Plus LB6504 180 mph 650 CFM 56 V Battery Handheld Leaf Blower Kit Battery and Charger at Payless Hardware Rockery and Nursery

The EGO Power+ 650 CFM Blower

If you have bigger jobs in mind, check out the EGO Power+ 650 CFM blower with its turbo button and a longer 90-minute run time that will blow you away. With variable speed controls, you can get as much as 200 minutes of run time at low speed from this efficient machine.

Want to know more? Click Here or watch below for EGO’s Director of Excitement Gerry Barnaby’s personal walkthrough of this product’s great features.

Ego 5 Year Tool Warranty and 3 Year Battery and Charger Warranty at Payless Hardware Rockery and Nursery

5-Year Limited Tool Warranty

And, as with all EGO leaf blowers, it has weather-resistant construction and comes with an excellent 5-year limited tool warranty and a 3-year limited battery and charger warranty for personal, household use and when purchased from an authorized EGO retailer like us.

For Turbo Power and Longer Run Times 

  • For more laborious jobs, try the fun and valuable turbo button available on Power+ models for a massive blast of power.
  • On the other hand, try the lower settings for smaller tasks to conserve battery life and keep your leaf blower running for longer before recharging.

Our Payless Staff is Always Ready to Help 

If you have any questions or want to pick up one of these debris blasters or other tools, come by our local, family-owned Payless Hardware, Rockery, and Nursery retail store. We’re always available to share our expert tips and tricks with any of our customers. Believe it or not, some of us love talking about leaf blowers almost as much as we love using them!