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Say Goodbye to Summer with a Backyard Party

Inviting friends and family over for a backyard get-together this time of year is a great way to squeeze the most out of the last days of summer weather. If you’re planning to fire up your grill in San Jose and host an end-of-summer party, then consider the following tips: Pick Up Grilling Gear If[…]

Planting Vegetables in Late Summer

While spring is considered the season to spend time in the yard and incorporate new plants into your landscaping, there are plenty of veggies that you can add to your garden in San Jose right now. Watch this video for some helpful tips on getting vegetables going in late summer. If you want to extend[…]

Answers to Your Questions About Water Conservation for Landscaping

Many homeowners in California want to maintain beautiful landscaping while using less water. If this sounds like you, then continue reading to learn the answers to common questions about water conservation for your lawn and garden in San Jose. What is plant zoning? In terms of landscaping, zoning refers to installing groupings of plant species[…]

Choosing the Best Weed Killer for Your Lawn

Keeping weeds under control helps ensure that your plants get more water and nutrients and that your landscaping appears neat and maintained. Are you looking for weed control advice to improve the look and health of your garden in San Jose? If so, then watch this video to learn how to choose the right weed[…]

The Benefits of Switching to Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Do you dread pulling out your lawn mower in San Jose? If so, then consider giving your landscaping a makeover this season. By incorporating low-maintenance materials into your garden design, you’ll find that you have a reduced need for weed control, digging tools, and pruners. Less Time One of the greatest benefits of switching to[…]

Incorporating Cacti into Your Landscape

If you’re one of the many homeowners who dreads pulling out their lawn mower near San Jose, then you may benefit from a change in your landscaping. People who are tired of mowing, irrigating, and adding fertilizer to their lawn often enjoy many advantages by switching to a low maintenance landscape theme that incorporates cacti[…]

The Benefits of Landscaping with Native Plants

Your home’s landscaping adds character, interest, and natural beauty to your property. If you are ready to pull out your pruners and digging tools in San Jose, then you may be planning a trip to your local nursery in search of new plants for your landscape design. Before selecting your flowers and foliage for this[…]

Creating a Landscaping Budget

Before you visit your local nursery and garden store for landscaping materials in San Jose, you need to create a landscaping budget. Your landscaping budget should include the cost of flowers, plants, trees, seeds, garden supplies, rockery, garden pavers, mulch, soil, compost, and hardscape materials. Deciding on a firm budget will make it much easier[…]

Getting Your Landscaping Ready for Autumn

It’s officially the fall—is your San Jose lawn ready? Although spring and summer are generally considered the best times for landscaping and lawn maintenance, this is in fact the prime time to prepare your yard for the next growing season. Cooler temperatures and moist soil combine to slow aboveground growth and encourage strong root development,[…]

How to Mulch Your Lawn

If your lawn is the pride of your property’s outdoor space, you want to do what you can to keep it healthy and looking spectacular. A quick jaunt down to a San Jose nursery and gardening center should provide you with the necessary tools, fertilizers, and materials to help you manage your lawn. One of[…]